How to clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner and not only?

Curtains are an elegant addition to every home. However, they become an unsafe element of the decor, if you do not pay attention to them. After a while, accumulate on its surface so much dirt that shaking the edges of the fabric can see a cloud of dust. Unclean curtains – a source of stale smell in the room, a hotbed of dust and dust glue.

After a year or two, the question arises: to wash curtains or replace? If the drapery of the window was inexpensive, you can say one thing about curtains – you have to replace it. Buy new, more modern and beautiful curtains. For example, look at the website of the Kiev Curtains store or make a family outing to the nearest curtain shop. Although this choice of novelty for the house will take more time.

If you previously bought expensive curtains or there is no money to replace them, the output will consist in dry cleaning or washing the curtains.

Is it bad that the curtains get very dirty?

Window draperies carry several functions:

  • create cosiness, beauty in the house;
  • protect the hosts from the curious views of neighbors;
  • protect from the bright sun in the summer and from the cold air from the window in winter;
  • become a barrier to dust, which flies into the windows open in the warm season.

When the windows are open, the curtains absorb moisture and dirt from the outside not visible to the eye. When the window closes, a gap appears in which the draft draws. If air can pass into these cracks, then just the tiniest dirt particles from the street pass easily. On the curtains, dust and dirt settle down from ceiling and floor fans, air ducts, air conditioners. Vacuuming, broom cleaning, dust removal from furniture raises from the surfaces the smallest particles of dust that settle on the curtains. This, of course, is better than if they settled on the respiratory organs of the residents of the house.

Therefore, you must do mandatory cleaning of curtains once a month.

Vacuum cleaners and allergies

Usual vacuum cleaners are not suitable for people with allergies. The specifics of the work of a conventional vacuum cleaner is such that when it is sucked, it releases dust particles into the air. Additional particles of dust rising into the air from the curtains, upholstery furniture and carpet are capable of provoking an exacerbation.

For allergy sufferers, vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter are suitable. Their work is based on the fact that an air stream is passed through the water tank. The mud settles in the reservoir and, most importantly, most of the substances causing the allergic reaction.

Among people with increased sensitivity to dust, vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters (High Efficiency Particulate Arresting) are popular. These filters are equipped with an air dust collector, which has high efficiency.

According to experts, the filter system keeps up to 99.97% of dust particles, pollen and various allergens up to 0.3 micron.
The use of these filters ensures the safety of the air in the apartment.
Pay attention to the number that stands after the abbreviation HEPA, it must be at least 12 – this is the filter class, indicating the degree of its effectiveness, the number 11 – the lowest, 16 – the high.

Steam-Cleaner-for-curtainsDry cleaning curtains

Regardless of whether the dirty or dusty curtains do not get to wash them even once a month. It will destroy the fabric and look of draperies. However, once a month you can clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner, an antistatic cloth, a damp cloth, and tools against a dust mite.


The procedure for cleaning the curtains:

  • Always clean from top to bottom.
  • You need to vacuum both sides of the fabric. Dust and rubbish are collected equally on the side facing the window and on the side facing the room.
  • Pay special attention to folds and flounces.
  • Vacuum the curtains in a suspended position on the eaves. Before work, make sure that the cornice is securely fastened to the wall or ceiling. This is necessary for the safety of the hostess.
  • Before using wet wipes, you first need to vacuum the curtains so as not to smear any dirt on the fabric.
  • On multi-colored curtains with a pattern, it is best not to use a damp cloth for cleaning.